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Roadside assistance in the region of Varna region

Licensed 24/7 Roadside Assistance Region Varna

For roadside assistance in Varna and the region, contact our team IMMEDIATELY. If you have had an accident or your car has broken down, Road-Help roadside assistance will immediately come to your aid! Don't waste a second, look for us - we offer prompt and quality 24-hour service at favorable prices 365 days a year. We repatriate crashed cars. We offer transport of cars / jeeps / buses from and to abroad at BENEFICIAL prices for you!

Our services

Why to choose us? Here is several advantages over others! Licensed 24/7 Roadside Assistance Region Varna


Transporting cars from point A to point B

Current supply

The power supply service takes place after specifying the type of car and the place where it is stuck.

Fuel delivery

We deliver fuel to the location of the stranded vehicle. For this service, you need to specify the type of fuel and the location of the stranded vehicle.

Repair of minor damage on site (on the road)

If your fault can be identified and repaired on site, we can assist you and repair your vehicle.

Transport of Cars / Jeeps / Buses

We offer transport for your car, jeep or bus at an advantageous price for you.

Changing car tires

Tires are changed on site or removed and taken to a vulcanizer to repair it, after which the tire is returned and mounted on the vehicle.


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